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Session Musician, Sound Engineer
Drums / Guitar / Bass / Recording & Mixing

Hello and welcome to JOEBURWOODMUSIC.COM

The purpose of this website is to showcase my skills and musical accomplishments,
whilst offering my Teaching, Session Musician and Audio production services.


Having been on three tours in the USA, a tour in Japan and Russia, as well as countless
more festival appearances and club shows across Europe to date as a drummer in the bands
"ANTISECT" and "EXTREME NOISE TERROR" I've also played on/engineered a number of international 
releases and will endeavour to continue to do so. I'm also the lead guitarist in my own bands "CYTHRAUL"
and "FLOWERS OF FLESH AND BLOOD" whom have played extensively on underground metal and punk
scene and currently have new material and activity in the pipeline for these so please stay tuned
for more news on the matter.


I've also recently toured the UK and Irland as a session drummer too, and over the years I have
been lucky enough to share the stage with such acts as:

Nile, Krisiun, Napalm Death, Discharge, Sub-humans, Desecration, Ulcerate, Naked Aggression, 
Master, Necrot, Diskord, Conflict, S.O.B, Archgoat, Oi Poloi, Municipal Waste and the Exploited to name a few.

I also worked as a FOH sound engineer for over a decade in London at various venues across the capital,
most notably The Unicron in Camden town, where I gained a reputation as a great metal and punk sound guy.

Nowadays I'm based in my native town of Denbigh, North Wales where I am offering Guitar / Bass / Drum lessons and Recording and mixing services, please see the lessons/sessions tab for more details on this.


Finally! If you have made it this far Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for visiting
and don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions and/or enquiries you may have.

Many Thanks,


John Lee

After meeting John last year and recording his 4th full-length album for him we have grown a good working relationship and we have discussed 
working on his follow-up Lp. Finalising of the tracks and pre-production will begin on this by the end of the year, see "music" tab for links for John Lee.

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